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What is the date you will be needing services?
What is the date you will be needing services?

Hi all!

Thanks for reaching out.

If you are requesting an appointment please include the following information so I can better assist you. Please note that I personally answer every email that I receive, however my schedule is very busy and it can take me a few days to possibly a week to respond since I get so many inquiries. *Please fill out the entire form and include all of the requested information.*


If you are contacting me about a wedding appointment please let me know the date of the wedding, how many people will be needing both hair and makeup services, where you will be getting ready and the time everyone will need to be ready by that day. Any wedding appointment booked on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday requires a minimum amount of four people booking for hair services. If the party would like to add makeup, there is a minimum amount of four people required to book for makeup services. Please note that I don't book any weddings or send out quotes for weddings more than six months in advance. I know how much can change during the wedding planning process and I want to ensure that I'm sending my clients the most accurate and up to date information. If we are more than six months away from your wedding date please reach out once we are within the six month time frame of your wedding and I'd be more than happy to help you through the process at that point.




If you are contacting me about any other type of appointment or services please include the date on which you need services, what type of services you need, where you plan on getting ready that day and what time you need to be ready by.